• Value engineered tribometer for dry friction and wear tests


    • Touch screen PC for data logging and control of speed and temperature
    • Precision regulator for manual control of load
    • Air bearing mounted load and friction assembly
    • Optional capacitance probe for on-line wear measurement

    Standard Tests

    • ASTM D3702 Standard Test Method for Wear Rate of Materials in Self-Lubricated Rubbing Contact Using a Thrust Washer Testing Machine
    • ASTM G99 Wear Testing with a Pin-on-Disc Apparatus

    Order as:

    • ST-TW Three Pin on Disc/Thrust Washer Friction & Wear Tester
    • ST-TW/WEAR Capacitance Displacement Gauge for Wear Measurement

  • Technical Specifications
    Thrust Washer: According to ASTM D3702
    Pin on Disc: According to ASTM G99
    Pin Track Radius: 10 to 35 mm
    Pin Size: 8 mm diameter x 15 mm long
    Disc Diameter: 75 mm maximum
    Load Range: 20 to 750 N (@ 6 bar air pressure)
    Loading Method: Pneumatic
    Load Measurement: Pressure transducer
    Load Control: Precision pressure regulator
    Friction Measurement: Databeam strain gauge transducer
    Torque Reaction Mounting: Air bearing
    Temperature Range: Ambient to 200°C
    Heater Power: 550 W
    Temperature Sensor: k-type thermocouple
    Rotational Speed: 30 to 1,800 rpm
    Motor: 1.5 kW a.c. vector motor
    Control & Data Acquisition: Touch-screen PC & Interface
    Data Export: USB Stick
    Automatically Controlled Parameters Rotational Speed
    Test Duration
    Manually Controlled Parameters Load
    Measured Parameters Rotational Speed
    Wear (Optional)
    Friction Force
    Number of Revolutions
    Test Duration
    Sliding Speed
    Friction Coefficient
    Sliding Distance
    Electricity: 220/240V, single phase, 50 Hz, 3.0 kW
    110/120 V, single phase, 60 Hz, 3.0 kW
    Clean, dry air: 4 cfm at 8 bar (120 psi)

  • Download the Machine Leaflet