The TE 88 Reciprocating Pin on Plate machine is a three station wear and friction tester primarily designed for testing polymers and coatings in a production environment. The machine can also perform tests in accordance with ASTM F732.
    The machine includes an a.c. variable speed gear-motor with variable throw crank, reciprocating assembly, three load, friction and wear pin carrier assemblies and a control and data acquisition system. Load is applied manually and measured with a force transducer. Friction is measured with a force transducer and wear is sensed by linear potentiometer.

    Control and Data Acquisition

    Control and data acquisition are implemented via host PC running COMPEND 2020 Windows compatible software, in conjunction with a Phoenix Tribology USB micro-controller interface.
    Automatic control is implemented via user programmable test sequences. Manual control is implemented using on screen toggles. Data is stored to hard disc in either .csv or .tsv file formats.

  • Technical Specifications

    Normal Load: 10 to 1,000N
    Signal Conditioning: Strain Gauge Amplifier Module
    Friction Force Range: 250 N
    Signal Conditioning: Strain Gauge Amplifier Module
    RMS/DC Converter Module
    Wear: Linear Potentiometer
    Range: 2 mm
    Resolution: 0.5 µm
    Specimen Holder: 8 mm and 5.5 mm diameter pins
    Optional Holders: 10 mm and 6 mm diameter balls
    Interface: USB Serial Link Interface Module
    Software: COMPEND 2000
    Motor: a.c. Vector Motor 0.55 kW
    Contact Configurations: Pin on Plate
    Ball on Plate
    Temperature Range: Ambient to 200°C
    Heating Power: 800 W
    Temperature sensor: k-type thermocouple
    Maximum Stroke: 50 mm
    Maximum Frequency: 5 Hz
    Maximum Frequency @ Maximum Stroke: 2 Hz @ 50 mm
    Automatically Controlled Parameters Frequency
    Test Duration
    Manually Controlled Parameters Load
    Reciprocating Stroke Length
    Measured Parameters Friction
    Number of Cycles
    Test Duration
    Friction Coefficient
    Sliding Distance
    Electricity: 220/240V, single phase, 50 Hz, 3 kW
    110/120 V, single phase, 60 Hz, 3 kW

  • Download the Machine Leaflet