Bearing Fatigue Rig

Prototype development and test

TE 35 Valve Impact Rig

Valve Motion

TE 47 Three Station Ring/Liner Tribometer – Small

Production Test – Running Large Liner

Radial Loading

Rotation – Glass Liner

TE 53 Multi-Purpose Friction And Wear Tester

TE 59 Autoclave Fretting Rig

Induced Motion

TE 65 Multiplex Sand/Wheel Abrasion Tester

Options Demonstration

TE 72 Two Roller Machine

Fluid Jetting

Traversing Drum On Roller

TE 73H Two Roller Machine

High Speed Operation

TE 77 High Frequency Friction Machine

EP Gear – Negative Slide-Roll

EP Gear – Positive Slide-Roll

Gas Enclosure


Shock Absorber Test

Twin Piston Ring

TE 79 Multi-Axis Tribometer

Orbital Motion

TE 85 Eight Station Orbital Tooth Brushing Rig

Orbital Motion

TE 86 Multi-station Hip Joint Simulator


TE 92 Microprocessor Controlled Rotary Tribometer

Automated Four Ball Test

Automated KRL Shear Stability Test

TE 92M Clutch Friction Test Machine

Checking Clutch Run-out

Reciprocating Tribometer Upgrade