The DN 33 Draw Strip/Draw Bead Tester comprises a long stroke electro mechanical ball screw actuator mounted horizontally on a steel bed plate in line with a tooling fixture. The actuator has an integral LVDT for displacement measurement and is controlled by means of a standard a.c. vector drive with encoder feedback.

    The tooling fixture comprises two articulated arms, each carrying one half of a draw tool. The arms are connected to a fixed point on the machine bed-plate by means of a force transducer, in such a way as to measure the combined drawing force on the arms. The clamping force on the draw tool is by means of a hydraulic cylinder with force transducer feedback and controlled by means of a proportional control valve.

    The standard specimen is a long strip of material of up to 25 mm width, which is connected to the actuator by means of standard mechanical grips.

    A variety of different tools may be used, providing a range of different sliding contacts including flat on flat area contact, cylinder on flat line contact and draw bead contact. In all these configurations, the friction force measured is the combined force on both surfaces. An alternative cylinder on flat line contact configuration is available in which the cylindrical tool is replaced by a roller, allowing sliding on one surface and rolling on the other.

    A roller bead test assembly is also available in which the rollers may either be unclamped and allowed to roll freely, thus generating only the deformation force, or clamped, thus generating combined deformation and sliding friction force.

    Control and Data Acquisition

    Control and data acquisition is provided by means of Phoenix Tribology’s standard COMPEND 2020 control and data acquisition system in conjunction with a 16 bit Data Translation control and data acquisition card. The maximum data acquisition rate typically used is 2 kHz.

  • Technical Specifications

    Drawing Speed: 200 to 2,000mm/min
    Speed Resolution: +/- 1% of maximum speed
    Specimen Force: 25 kN maximum
    Drawing Force: 20 kN maximum
    Tool Size: 35 mm x 45 mm (typical)
    Tool Finish: 0.05 – 0.02 microns Ra
    Contact Conditions: Flat on Flat
    Cylinder on Flat (sliding)
    Cylinder on Flat (rolling)
    Draw Bead
    Fixed Bead/Roller Bead
    Specimen Size: 500 mm long x 25 mm wide
    Load Cell: 30 kN (fatigue rated)
    Power Pack: 2 l/min at 210 bar
    Interface: Phoenix Tribology USB micro-controller interface
    Software: COMPEND 2020
    Automatically Controlled Parameters Drawing Speed
    Specimen Load
    Measured Parameters Drawing Speed
    Specimen Load
    Drawing Friction Force
    Drawing Displacement
    Electricity: 220/240V, single phase, 50 Hz, 7.5 kW
    110/120 V, single phase, 60 Hz, 7.5 kW
    Floor-standing: 900 mm wide x 600 mm deep x 1,200 mm high, 250 kg
    Control cabinet: 530 mm x 800 mm x 300 mm high, 20 kg

  • Applications

    draw bead
    draw strip
    drawing force
    drawing lubricants
    forming lubricants
    plastic deformation
    roller bead

  • User List

    Launched 2002

    POSCO Korea
    Hyundai Korea

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