• Single function
    • Multi-station
    • Simple to Operate
    • Control via PLC
    • Data exported on USB stick


    This instrument is derived from and is a simplified version of the TE 79 Multi-Axis Tribology Machine.

    The unit incorporates three conventional pin on disc test assemblies, generally in comliance with ASTM G99.

    A rotating fluid bath is a simple solution for lubricated testing, as it avoids the requirement for rotating seals, however, it does not facilitate contact heating of the disc sample. Non-contact heating of the underside of the rotating bath is thus implemented using quartz halogen heating rings.

    Loading is by dead-weight and a force transducer is fitted to each test station, so that friction for each contact is measured independently.

    The machine is designed to be bench-mounted, with installation footprint kept to a minimum. It is simple to operate, so requires minimal training. Control is implemented with a PLC, with inputs via touch-screen. Data is stored by the device and exported on USB stick.

  • Specifications

    Motion Rotary
    Load 1 to 60 N
    Diameter 75 mm
    Speed 2 to 200 rpm
    Temperature Ambient to 150 °C
    Test Stations 3
    Manually Set Parameters
    Load Yes – dead-weight
    Rotational Speed Yes
    Temperature Yes
    Test Duration Yes
    Data Logged Parameters
    Temperature Yes – each sample
    Friction Force Yes – each sample


  • Download the Machine Leaflet