• 10,000 rpm
    • Single function
    • Multi-station
    • Easy to Operate
    • Control via PLC


    The machine is floor standing and designed to be installed either as a single unit or, more cost effectively, as a multi-unit installation, using a common pneumatic loading system, so that the same load is applied to each test station.
    Each station incorporates a PLC, with inputs via touch-screen, for independent control of motor speed and test assembly temperature, plus a vibration sensor and adjustable level trigger circuit, for detecting rolling contact fatigue and stopping the motor.
    Load actuators are connected in parallel to a common pneumatic supply, with a manually set precision regulator and a pressure transducer calibrated for load measurement. Manual valves are provided to allow individual actuators to be isolated from the pneumatic circuit, hence removing the load from the associated test station.
    Each test station has its own, independently controlled, lubricant circulation system.
    The machine installation footprint is kept to a minimum. It is simple to operate, so requires minimal training.

    RCF 7/1 Thrust Ball Bearing on Disc Adapter

    This adapter uses one half of a standard size 51208 68 mm O/D 40 mm I/D thrust bearing, with the balls running between the normal bearing race and a flat disc. A cage is provided to retain the balls.

    RCF 7/2 Roller Thrust Bearing on Disc Adapter

    This adapter is essentially similar to RCF 7/1, but uses one half of a standard size 81208 TN roller thrust bearing, loaded against a flat lower disc sample, of chosen material. The standard bearing cage is used to locate the rollers, with the cage centred by a spindle mounted deep groove ball bearing.

    RCF 7/3 Cone on Angular Contact Bearing Adapter

    This adapter uses a conical test sample loaded against the lower half of a size 7206 62 mm O/D 30 mm I/D angular contact bearing. The cone angle is designed to give a pure rolling contact. Contact stress can be increased further by removing balls from the bearing cage.

    RCF 7/4 Back-to-back Bearing Adapter

    This adapter uses two size 7209 85 mm O/D 45 mm I/D angular contact bearings, loaded back-to-back, as the test samples. Separate oil ways are provided to ensure that oil and wear debris from the upper test bearing does not pass through the lower bearing.

  • Technical Specifications

    Test Geometry: Cone on Angular Contact Bearing Adapter (Bearing 7206)
    Thrust Ball Bearing on Disc Adapter (Bearing 51208)
    Roller Thrust Bearing on Disc Adapter (Bearing 81208 TN)
    Back-to-back Bearing Adapter (Bearing 7209 x 2)
    Motion: Rotary
    Axial Load: 200 to 10,000 N
    Spindle Bearing Load: 10,000 N @ 3,000 rpm
    4,000 N @ 10,000 rpm
    Speed: 200 to 10,000 rpm
    Motor: 1.0 kW @ 10,000 rpm
    Temperature: Ambient to 120°C
    Test Stations: Up to 6
    Control: PLC
    Lubricant Service Module: Included
    Manually Controlled Parameters
    Load: Pneumatic – actuators in parallel
    Rotational Speed: Each test station independently controlled
    Temperature: Each test station independently controlled
    Vibration Level: Each test station
    Data Logged Parameters
    Load: Pressure transducer – one per installation
    Temperature: Yes – each test station
    Test Duration: Yes – each test station
    Electricity per Test Station: 220/240V, single phase, 50 Hz, 4.5 kW
    110/120V, single phase, 60 Hz, 4.5 kW
    Clean, dry air: 4 cfm at 8 bar (120 psi)

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